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News Report

Repeat No Shows

12/09/19 | James Mitchell

Repeat No Shows

Hi All,

Following our most recent AGM, a change had been approved regarding repeat no show offenders.

The details are as follows:

a) Strict warning to be delivered, whether in writing or verbally after 2 no shows

b) Three points deduction for each no show after the warning having been delivered

c) If there are 5 no shows in a season then the team will be expelled from the league and any knockout competitions that they are in. This will also include any individual team members still in any individual knockout competitions

Please note that if both teams have agreed to rearrange the match before the match to be played, then it will not be classed as a no show.

We have brought this rule in to ensure teams are enjoying their season. We hope you all have a great season.

Good Luck!


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